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May 03, 2019  Written by Zack Tremblay | Photographed by Zack Caspary

Zack Tremblay and Why Don't We

It has been quite the year for Why Don’t We, following the release of their 2018 debut album ‘8 Letters’. The group hit the road this year in support of their debut album, selling out arenas across North America. The tour kicked off in Phoenix, Arizona on March 20th and ran through April 18th, ending in Seattle, Washington. The group has one show left in Honolulu, Hawaii, before heading out on their Japan leg of the tour. Did you miss Why Don’t We in North America at the beginning of this year? No worries! Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron, Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson and Jack Avery will hit the road again for their summer tour, kicking off in Costa Mesa, CA on July 18th. The summer run of the 8 Letters Tour will end on August 31st in Allentown, PA and this is definitely a show you do not want to miss!


If you are a fan of Why Don’t We, then you are in for a special night. The 8 Letter’s Tour offers something for everyone in the family. But, above all, if you weren’t a fan walking into the show, you definitely left as one. This show perfectly represents the hard work and dedication these five guys have put into this journey over the past three years. There is nothing more magical than experiencing your favorite artist in an arena. Everyone is collectively there to have a great time and Why Don’t We put on one of the best pop show’s of the year. Aside from the music, there is an undeniable sense of chemistry between these guys. You can tell they have created a family bond not only with each other, but with their audience.

Why Don’t We went through a set full of incredible selections from their music catalog, kicking off the show with “Trust Fund Baby”. The set include many fan favorites, including “Talk”, “8 Letters” “Cold in LA” + so many others. With the energy staying consistently high throughout the night, one of the most impressive aspects of this entire experience, was hearing the dedicated fans screaming the words to every lyric. There was a moment in the show, where an instrumental version of “8 Letters” began playing, and the entire audience passionately sang at the top of their lungs. Daniel, Zach, Jonah, Corbyn and Jack closed the show with their latest single featuring Macklemore, “I Don’t Belong in This Club”. 


If you have the chance to experience a Why Don’t We show live this year, I suggest taking in every moment, because it will be an experience you will never forget. Why Don’t We’s debut album ‘8 Letters’ is now available across all music streaming platforms. For a list of summer tour dates and ticket information, visit

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