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April 01, 2019   Written with Live Images by Zack Tremblay | Promotional Image by Attila Hardy

We Three by Zack Tremblay
We Three by Zack Tremblay
We Three by Zack Tremblay

We Three have reached a very special milestone in their career as they recently embarked on their very first headlining tour. The trio admits that this entire experience has been more than what they expected. Manny shares, “Everything about it has just been crazy.”. We Three kicked off the tour at The Paramount in Huntington, NY on March 7th. Bethany reveals that they are already having so much fun, “we get to do this over and over and over. Normally it’s a one time thing, but we have 34 dates”. This is something they have been working towards for a very long time, Joshua admits. “It’s finally here, we’re doing it.”


Embarking on a headlining tour comes with a lot of prep work. Manny shares the importance of having a crew on the road revealing, “I feel like we underestimated how much we needed people.” Each person on this tour has a job. Joshua admits, “We couldn’t do what we do without them”. Getting to this point was definitely a journey for Manny, Bethany and Joshua, but they are grateful for every second of it. Last year the trio had the opportunity to release their debut album following the success of their run on America’s Got Talent. The process of putting together this album began last summer following the group’s departure from the show. Bethany shares, “It came together pretty quickly. We wanted to have it out when we had it out. I think sometimes you can take a long time when making a product, and we didn’t have that luxury. We had a deadline and we’re so glad that we did it.” Manny went on to share that one of the tracks was even recorded the day before the album needed to get done. Bethany continues, “It was almost like we didn’t know if it was going to make it. We kept saying no, we’ll finish it that day. We had a feeling like that song was just going to click and it did.” That song is now known as “Paradise”. 

We Three

We Three recently released a music video for their single, “Lifeline”, which hits home for a lot of fans. Home is actually what inspired the visual representation for “Lifeline”, which started as a discussion at Starbucks, Joshua reveals. The trio comes from Oregon and in Oregon, it rains quite a bit. Manny admits, “I think the rain really connects to the song. It’s just great imagery for what we’re trying to convey in the song.” While the video looked great, filming didn’t come easy as the trio had to film at 12:00am in 32 degree weather. Bethany shares, “I remember there was one point where I needed to be done, my heart rate was slowing down, there were signs of hypothermia. We had one more shot that we needed, which was the intro shot, which was so killer. We put together a fan video of our fans singing the song. I started picturing all of these people that sent in videos of themselves singing this song. The song is super special to them, which makes it special to us. I kept picturing that, and it’s funny how I would stop shivering when my mind would be wrapped around why we’re doing this.” We Three share a close connection with their fans that you don’t see too often. There is a vulnerability that is shared between the trio and the group of people that come to experience this show live. You can’t ask for better authenticity. 


We Three had an incredible journey on America’s Got Talent, along with releasing their debut album last year. Now that they are on their first headlining tour, Manny Bethany and Joshua admit that this was one of their biggest goals from the beginning. Having the opportunity to play their music live for a supportive group of fans who have been supporting them from the beginning. While they are taking every opportunity to live in the moment, Joshua reveals that they are also looking ahead, “we have a lot of things in the works. We are really soaking in every single moment of this.” 


We Three will be on the road through April 28th, ending in Seattle, WA. For you guys at home, don’t forget to stream We Three’s self-titled debut album across all music platforms + you can watch a special visual interview with We Three coming soon!

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