April 01, 2020   Written by Zack Tremblay | Photographed by Jeffrey Melo

Zack Tremblay | I want to bring it back to the very beginning. When did you first find a love for music and realize that this is a path you wanted to follow as a career? 


Tyler James Bellinger I have always had a strong appreciation for music, but I didn’t realize I could sing until my sixth grade choir teacher asked me to sing her “Happy Birthday”. After doing so, she recommended me for Advanced Show Choir the following year. That’s when I began to realize I wasn’t half bad at singing.


Zack Tremblay Growing up, what artists did you look up to?


Tyler James Bellinger | I’ve always been influenced by powerhouse singers, so a majority of who I listened to growing up was Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Annie Lennox, Christina Aguilera, and Kelly Clarkson. I also had a real love for Freddie Mercury’s voice and Steven Tyler’s. 


Zack Tremblay Are there any artists recently that have really inspired you to create?

Tyler James Bellinger | Emeli Sande. I think she's incredible. I've always looked up to Brandon Flowers of The Killers. Both of them constantly challenge me to be a better writer. 


Zack Tremblay We recently came across your single “Giving You Up”, what is the inspiration behind this single?


Tyler James Bellinger Oh man! A few years ago my partner and I had a rough patch and when we came out on the other side of it I realized I never wanted to give him up again. A few years later, my co-writers Jessica Cayne and Lincoln Parish and I were talking about all the things that we’ve learned from our relationships. One thing led to another and we ended up writing the song in 20 minutes.


Zack Tremblay How do you approach your creative process when it comes to writing and recording?


Tyler James Bellinger I usually record little voice notes of melodies or lyric ideas. Then I eventually go into a session and share what I came up with. Sometimes we use it and other times we don't. At the end of the day though, sessions are always a sort of therapy for me. We often chat about life and then the song comes naturally from there.


Zack Tremblay Over this past year, what do you feel like you have learned most about yourself as an artist? 


Tyler James Bellinger | I learned that I'm capable of doing anything, even if I'm scared of it. This career has definitely been a journey of ups and downs. Some of which have been TV shows that didn't work out in the past. So when I got the opportunity to perform “Giving You Up” on NBC’s Songland, it showed me I can really accomplish anything.

Aside from getting over certain fears, I've learned to be confident with my voice and my writing, because it's very easy to search for other peoples’ validation in this career. While you definitely need to have people help you along the way...I've learned to trust that I don’t need 10 peoples' approval to release a song I love.

Zack Tremblay | Are you setting any goals for yourself for the rest of 2020? What are you hoping to accomplish?

Tyler James Bellinger | I have so many goals, but in short, broaden my fanbase. I’m so excited to show my growth as an artist with every release this year. I used to hold onto songs, thinking the timing wasn't right, but then I realized if I don't release them no one is going to see me grow as a writer and artist. Without that growth, it's really hard for people to relate to an artist, because then you don't feel like you know them. So the goal is to show listeners ALL of me.

Zack Tremblay | Finally, what is the plan for your next music release? Can we expect to hear something new from you anytime soon?

Tyler James Bellinger | Yes! My new song “Break Me Down” came out Friday March 20th and an EP “Songs for a Younger Me” is coming out sometime in May. “Songs For a Younger Me” deals a lot with my coming to terms with faith and sexuality, and some of these songs have been done for over a year and a half, so I’m very excited to have them out in the world. It was also important for me to write songs I wish I had as a kid.

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