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April 03, 2019   Written with Live Images by Zack Tremblay | Promotional Image by Myriam Santos

Tori Kelly by Zack Tremblay

The music industry can be a tricky career path. In music, it is common for teams to mold artists into what they think will sell. Tori Kelly has broken the mold as a commercially successful recording artist, rising to the top of her game. During that time, Tori has remained authentic to herself and her roots, not only as an artist, but as a human. Tori went from writing and recording music in her bedroom to selling out shows across the country. There is a sense of authenticity that can not be fabricated. That right there is the biggest selling point for any artist. There has to be something said for Tori’s success. She got to this point in her career by being herself, creating music that is close to her heart and building an unbreakable bond with her growing fan base across the world. 


The Acoustic Sessions Tour offers a perfectly balanced set list full of Tori’s biggest hits, popular covers and even a taste of some new music. Tori did not disappoint when it came to the new material, kicking off the show with a new track titled “Language”. While the new music gave fans something to look forward to, Tori’s catalog of music kept the audience’s energy at an all time high. We also have to give credit to Mateus Asato for that high, who accompanies Tori throughout the entire show. It is extremely refreshing to hear an artist such a Tori, perform such a stripped back set, allowing you to truly experience her incredible abilities as a vocalist. 

Tori Kelly by Zack Tremblay
Tori Kelly by Zack Tremblay
Tori Kelly by Zack Tremblay

About halfway through the show, Tori took the time to take the audience on a trip down memory lane, performing a taste of each song that has defined her journey. Tori kicked things off with her rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Keep on Singin’ My Song”, which she performed for the first time at the young age of eleven on a little show called America’s Most Talented Kid. Tori’s journey continues as she takes on hits such as Paramore’s “The Only Exception”, Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin About You” and Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”. Tori also opened up about the rejection she faced along the way and how these songs helped her reach new levels of change and opportunity. 


While there were many exciting moments throughout this show, Tori’s ability to keep the attention of a sold out crowd by only using her voice and a guitar, speaks volumes to what people resonate with the most. With every high, there is bound to be a low. Tori was very candid about her songwriting throughout the show, sharing stories about her personal doubts and struggles. One of the most vulnerable moments during the show, was Tori’s tribute to her late grandfather, performing an original track, “Your Words”. The audience was completely silent during this time, allowing Tori to truly pour her heart out on stage. 


Tori has been very vocal about her faith, especially to her fans. Last year, Tori took the time to record her second studio album, honoring her faith in a passion project titled ‘Hiding Places’. The album went on to win two Grammy Awards this year, including Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance for her lead single “Never Alone” (Feat. Kirk Franklin). Tori took the time to spotlight the project by performing two tracks from the album including “Never Alone” and “Psalm 42”. 

While this has already been a great year for Tori, fans have a lot to look forward to. Tori teased that we may see a familar elephant again sometime soon, referring to her character Meena in the Illumination film, Sing, as she performed a souful rendition of “Don’t You Worry bout a Thing”. A squel date has been set for Christmas 2020, but there has yet to be an official announcement surrounding Tori’s involvement. Until then, you can enjoy Tori’s latest single “Change Your Mind”, which she closes the show with, leaving the audience screaming every single lyric. I’ve said this many times before, and I will keep saying it. Tori Kelly is one of the best artists of our generation. Tori sets an incredible example for her fans and further proves that raw talent and authentic stories can still be commercially successful.


There are still a few select dates remaining on Tori Kelly’s Acoustic Sessions Tour, visit for more information!

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