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Benson Boone by Zack Tremblay for Tremblay Media Group



April 15, 2024 — Benson Boone brings his 'Fireworks & Rollerblades' World Tour to the heart of Boston, MA, selling out House of Blues!

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There is no doubt that 2024 has delivered some incredible new music. In the height of big releases, Benson Boone shared his debut album ‘Fireworks & Rollerblades’ via Night Street Records/Warner Records. The album features  Benson’s #1 global smash hit “Beautiful Things” + “Slow It Down”, “In The Stars”, “Ghost Town” and more!


Every now and then you come across an artist with uncapped potential. Taking it a step further, there are artists who example instant identity. Benson Boone has proven to have both of those qualities, showing promise for the brightest future. With a lead single like “Beautiful Things”, which spent five weeks at the top of Billboard’s Global 200 chart, Benson has managed to produce a solid body of work that has captured the hearts millions across the world.


Following the release of ‘Fireworks & Rollerblades, Benson hit the road for a sold out headlining tour. That’s right, the entire tour sold out before it even started! Benson is taking the tour across the country and beyond — hitting major cities from Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles, CA — ending internationally in Sydney, Australia. I was lucky enough to catch the tour in Boston, MA over the weekend and I will tell you right now — this is not a tour you will want to miss. Benson has managed to carry the energy of his music to a live setting and then he took it up another level. Boon truly hit a sweet spot with the ebbs and flow of his set list. From the passionate piano ballad intro to flipping around the stage to new hits like “Be Someone”. But nothing was more energetic than the fan-favorite “Cry”, which sent the crowd into a complete frenzy. 


Now, there wouldn’t be a set list to put together or even a tour to go on without the incredible support of the fans. I can confidently say that Benson has built one of the strongest fan bases I have seen in such a long time. There was a special connection that was genuine,  which made the Benson Boone experience immensely special. There was a moment in the show when one of Benson’s fans was on the verge of passing out. Like a pro, Benson paused the show and ensured that the fan was taken care of — jumping in the crowd himself to bring them water.


As someone who has worked in the industry for over a decade, Benson is an artist that I truly believe in — someone that I know will take the opportunity he has been given and make the absolute best out of it. Benson gave all he had in Boston and I am happy that I was lucky enough to witness such a career-defining moment  that will be remembered for years to come. 


For more information on Benson Boone, along with a full list of tour dates, visit Benson’s website, here. Stream Benson Boone’s debut album ‘Fireworks & Rollerblades’, here

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