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Evvie McKinney



October 1, 2018 — Evvie McKinney delivered jaw-dropping performances week after week on The Four, now she is here to open up to Zack Tremblay about the show!

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Evvie McKinney has had quite the year, becoming the very first winner of the brand new FOX reality series competition, The Four: Battle For Stardom. From her very first audition, I knew I was witnessing something special. There is a power behind Evvie's abilities as an artist. Week after week, Evvie continued to wow the judges and America. Evvie took the time to share how she found out about the new series on FOX revealing. "A family friend contacted me, Larry Dodson Jr. in mid- October. He said there is a new singing competition called " The Four". He said, "I know you don't do singing competitions but give it a try." I submitted a video to the executive producer and she got back to me a month later. To prepare for the first audition, I prayed and I was as focused as I had ever been. I knew what was at stake, so I had my mind on the prize and that was to get a seat and eventually win the competition."


Evvie had many memorable moments on the show including show-stopping performances of Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin hits. "I remember thinking I was one step closer to my dream and I was one step closer to winning this competition." This series is very cut throat and only the best of the best make it to the very end. Evvie admits that the most rewarding part of this entire experience has been the platform itself and the exposure that came along with winning the show. "Working with Diddy. Meghan (Trainor), and DJ Khalid has been a blessing. They are each so different and bring out something special to help me develop as an artist. Especially Diddy. People think with his busy schedule, he wouldn't have time, but he has been very involved in shaping my career and helping me to decide on which direction to go. It was inspiring to work with Meghan because I witnessed the full strategy of how she writes hit songs. I wrote two songs with her. I'm looking forward to working in the studio with DJ Khalid." While these judges have praised Evvie throughout the season, they also instilled many key factors in her mind to gain the success she deserves. "I learned that it is important to be yourself and fully embed yourself into your music in order to get a true feeling for what you are singing." Evvie has had quite the advantage since her very first audition, knowing exactly who she is as an artist. "I've learned that I can truly do anything, any genre, any song, or any tempo. I also learned that the voice is an actual instrument and it needs TLC, tender, love, and care. Patience is key. You have to be very patient and trust the process presented."


Evvie has been hard at work in the studio working on her original music. We got a taste of that material with the release of her debut single, "How Do You Feel". "How Do You Feel" was a song written years ago. I initially recorded this song, not knowing that it would be my single, but I instantly connected to it. The words in this song spoke to my soul and being a soul singer, the best thing to have is to have song that people can feel." As Evvie continues to work hard in the studio on her debut album, she reveals that she is dabbing into a little bit of everything including Pop, Soul, R&B and even Hip-Hop. "I'm looking to continue to grow, learning myself, and believing this journey that God has put me on. I'm also looking to get on the road and tour. I aspire to be a role model for young women and young men's' lives. I want to make people start believing again. If I can do it, so can you!"

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