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February 01, 2019   Written by Zack Tremblay | Photo Courtesy of Netflix

There is a lot to be said when it comes to the impact Taylor Swift has had on the music industry. While the general public has painted a negative reputation for the global superstar, Swift’s latest Netflix special only further proves, that above all, she is one of the greatest artists of our time. Earlier this year, Swift embarked on her very first stadium-only tour, hitting the road with supporting acts Charli XCX and Camila Cabello. While I had the opportunity to attend this tour in person, Netflix delivered a perfect representation of how incredible this tour actually was. There is truly an undeniable presence Taylor has the second she steps on any stage. In a stadium full of 60,000+ people, Swift has the ability to make you feel like she is talking directly to you. Taylor has reached a point in her career, where she is unapologetic about who she is. The ‘reputation’ era has allowed Swift to step out of her comfort zone, even more so, by creating this body of work full of unexpected bangers. 

Taylor opens the tour with the first track off her critically acclaimed album, reputation, “Ready For It”, kicking things off on the highest note possible with a crew of incredible dancers and flawless backup singers. Throughout the show, you can tell Swift put a lot of thought into the set list. She performed every song off her latest album, aside from “So It Goes”, that got a notable moment during the ending credits. But, Swift didn’t shy away from her greatest hits she has released over the years, giving the audience moments to enjoy including: Style, Love Story, You Belong With Me, Shake It Off, Blank Space. Taylor even stretched her set list back to her debut album by adding “Should’ve Said No”, as a special mashup with “Bad Blood”. The mashups were some of the most enjoyable moments of Swift’s tour. 

When you attend a Taylor Swift concert, you know that you are in for one special night. Or, in my case, three special nights *chuckles*. I don’t like to describe Taylor Swift’s shows as a concert, they are a full production. Looking back at the tour on Netflix, you truly take a moment to reflect how much detail went in to every aspect of the reputation Stadium Tour. Everything from the stage, to the costumes, even the pre and post-show festivities.

We all have that one thing we love in life, and for me, that is music. If I am being completely honest, absolutely no one can even come close to what Taylor Swift delivers on and off the stage. I think Taylor Swift is so widely successful because of the connection she has with her fans. From inviting them to her house to listen to an album that isn’t even released yet, to picking her biggest fans out in the crowd to come and meet her backstage after every show. That connection truly shines through, especially when you’re watching it back on Netflix. One of the best moments of this entire special, was when Swift stripped everything back, sat at a piano and sang “Long Live / New Years Day”. In that moment you can see the impact Taylor has had on every single person. There is an undeniable bond that you don’t see in the industry these days, and that is coming from one of the biggest artist of our time. 

reputation Stadium Tour
Taylor Swift - reputation Stadium Tour
Taylor Swift - reputation

Swift’s reputation Stadium tour kicked off in the US on May 8th and ran through the states until October 8th. The tour took Taylor to new levels as this became the best selling US tour of ALL TIME, grossing $266.1 million, with over 2 million tickets sold. Only time will tell what is next for Swift. Until then, we can enjoy the incredible masterpiece known as the reputation Stadium Tour, now streaming on Netflix worldwide! View the trailer + a digital exclusive of "King of My Heart" from Netflix below!

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