April 26, 2017   A Zack Tremblay Interview | Photographed by Lexie Alley

Spencer Sutherland dropped his latest single "Selfish" and he is here to talk all about it. Read through our exclusive Q&A below as Spencer opens up about filming music videos, touring and much more!

SPENCER SUTHERLAND: DUDE! Thanks for having me, always love your stuff. I'm excited as well!

ZACK TREMBLAY: You recently released your new single “Selfish”, what is the inspriation behind the track?


SS: I'm so excited about Selfish and I'm so stoked that everyone is loving it! Selfish is basically about being into someone so much, that you get selfish of their time, emotions, and attention. I think everyone has done that and been there and I think that's why people are connecting to it :)


ZT: How would you describe the songwriting process? What is a day like in the studio with you?


SS: The process is honestly different every time. I do the same kind of ritualistic things like drink coffee, pace back and forth until I think of lyrics, etc. As a whole, all sessions have their own creative vibes! I really love how they're all individual works of art!


ZT: A music video was released for the single at the end of February, how did the concept come about?


SS: So I was laying in bed about to fall asleep, and it literally came to me out of nowhere. I sprung up and called my friend who directed it, and we shot it the next day! It's a very symbolic video. There's a piece of tape between the two rooms and it basically separates the me from achieving all the time and attention and affection from the person I want the most. It's literally the visual of the feeling ‘selfish'!


ZT: The video wraps with a sign on the door of the roof saying: “Our True Passions Are Selfish”, what does this mean to you and how does it apply to you at this point in your life?

SS: Well I think everyone is selfish in some way. And I think that you have to be, especially when it comes to yourself. I'm a big fan of NOT SETTLING. Especially when it comes to your passions :)


ZT: Any plans to tour soon?

SS: Yes!!! I'm going on tour with my good friends Round 2 Crew in June! We're very excited to hit some of our favorite cities! Also later this year I'll be touring with my homie Jake Miller! Lots of shows comin up!


ZT: What else can we look forward to this year from you?

SS: MORE OF EVERYTHING ! Lots of live performances, lots of new music, lots of love.


ZT: Thanks again, man. It’s always a pleasure talking with you. Congratulations on the new single and I hope you have a blast on tour. See you soon! 

SS: Thank you bro! Appreciate the love every time!