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August 01, 2019   Written by Zack Tremblay | Photographed by Ryan Falcoa / Tremblay Media

Sara Bareilles Live in Boston

Since her start in 2002, Grammy, Tony and Emmy Award-nominated artist - Sara Bareilles has captured the hearts of millions across the world. This year has been extremely special for the “Love Song” singer as she released her highly anticipated fifth studio album, Amidst The Chaos, which marks as Bareilles’ first full length release since her 2013 album, The Blessed Unrest. Sara’s latest body of work leads with her single, “Fire”. In a special announcement surrounding the album, Sara shares, “AMIDST THE CHAOS is a collection of songs that came to life over the last couple of years and now they are ready for you. This summer, in Los Angeles, along side some incredible collaborators and one inimitable producer named T Bone Burnett, the record came together swiftly and softly. It has been a lifelong dream to make music with T Bone, and I was so moved by his wisdom and his interest in soulful human expression, versus perfection. I want more of that in my life and it lives loud (and soft) and proud on this record and I can't wait for you to hear it. My eternal love and gratitude for your listening.” Bareilles hit the road in support of the album, with her tour kicking off on October 5th in Detroit, MI. 


The one thing Sara Bareilles has been able to master is capturing the attention of a wide demographic of fans. Bareilles’ Boston, MA crowd was full of fans young and old - both music and theatre lovers. This time around, Sara brought Emily King out on the road. Bareilles and King have had quite the friendship over the years, most recently collaborating on Sara’s track “If I Can’t Have You”. We couldn’t have asked for a better cohesive and thought out opener. There was definitely a lot of thought that went in to this show, especially when it came to the set design.  The beautifully lit stage showcased a chandelier of sheet music, which perfectly represented Sara as an artist. Sara opened her show with a prologue to her track “Orpheus”, followed by the second single off her latest album, “Fire”. Bareilles’ set featured a wide-variety of hits from over the years including, “Love Song”, “King of Anything” and “Brave”. Nothing was more captivating than her stripped down performance of “Gravity”. Hearing “Gravity” live is an experience in itself. 


As mentioned previously, Bareilles is able to capture both music and theatre fans when it comes to her live shows. Sara did not shy away from giving the fans what they wanted as she performed a selection of song from Waitress - including a emotional performance of “She Used to Be Mine”, which brought the entire audience to their feet. Boston holds a special place is Sara’s heart, because that is where her Waitress journey began. In 2015, Bareilles joined book writer Jessie Nelson and Paulus in Massachusetts, which is where the musical premiered before opening on Broadway. “She Used to Be Mine” is definitely one of Sara’s most covered songs across the theatre/music community. There was a moment in the show where Bareilles called a fan to the front to sing a song of their choice, which ended up being “She Used to Be Mine”. 


If you’re looking to experience a raw and authentic night full of music from an artist that is talented beyond explanation, Sara Bareilles is your girl. There are still a select few dates left on the Amidst The Chaos Tour, which will run through November 26th, ending in Atlanta, GA. 

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