June 18, 2017   A Zack Tremblay Interview | Photographed by Shawn Artero

Zack Tremblay You recently released your single “Try It”, lets start things off with the inspiration behind the track. How did this concept come about?

Sabryna My producer, Hannibal, approached me with the idea for the beat and I instantly knew it was a summer smash! I wanted to write a song about seizing the moment and not letting an opportunity pass you by. A fun positive anthem! 

ZT In support of the single you started to post “Try It” Challenges online. Take us through those challenges and share what your favorite part has been!

S The “Try It Challenges” have been so much fun to film and kind of crazy at times. I think my favorite challenge so far was the one where I covered my face in rhinestones! My poor face though! I had glue stuck to me for days. I looked ridiculous! But I love a good laugh at myself. 

ZT Earlier this year you also did something not many artist would do. You released your number on Instagram. What made you decide to release your number is such a public way?

S I wanted to show my fans how committed I am to building a relationship with them. And the reaction has been amazing!! My phone is constantly blowing up, but I love it. My fans are so sweet, kind and intelligent. And I love the fact I can talk to them any time, anywhere. Because I get so many messages, the first message is an automated response asking them to put their name in my contacts. It helps me keep my phonebook organized. But after that, it’s all me! So text me guys! (310) 929-6877!!! 

ZT As a new artist in the industry, where do you find yourself pulling inspiration from when writing and recording new material in the studio?

S My life! Relationships, problems, stories I hear.  Inspiration is coming at us from all angles of life, you just have to pay attention to it. I particularly love romantic comedies - so much inspiration in a good Meg Ryan - Tom Hanks chick-flick. 

ZT Who would you say are some of your biggest influences are as an artist?

S Madonna is a huge influence to me! I love what she stands for and her boldness. She’s a badass. I love Beyonce for her vocals and performance skills. #BeeHive4Life and I love Gwen Stefani for her style and visuals. "Hollaback girl” changed my life. 

ZT There is so much opportunity as an artist to expand, grow and accomplish wonderful things. What goals have you set for yourself that you would like to accomplish in your career?

S I have so many goals! I’m really proud to be an independent artist and own a record label. I want to continue being an entrepreneur and growing the label. I hope to go on a national tour and continue making awesome music with cool people. I want to continue putting the fans first and doing right for them. And eventually world domination. 

"Try It" is now available on iTunes, GooglePlay and BandCamp. Don't forget to follow Sabryna on Instagram, here.