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We are pleased to introduce you to the first official Tremblay Global artist, Mitchel Dae. Mitchel is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. While Mitchel has been hard at work releasing music over the past several years, this profile will serve as a look ahead. Over time, you will get to experience an up close and personal look behind Mitchel’s music — from handwritten song lyrics to the world premiere of his brand new single “oUcHiE”.


Mitchel’s decision to start a carreer in music was rather abrupt. Mitchel admits, “I remember sitting in my college dorm as a junior completely overwhelmed because I knew that this was a massive shift in the trajectory I was headed, but the conviction to do it was so strong! It’s also worth mentioning that I had never written a single song lyric, barely knew how to play the guitar and was terrified about the thought of singing in front of anyone. From there, I just broke it all up into small chunks and took it step by step. I got rid of all my plan B’s and just haven’t looked back. I oriented everything in my life around the goal of getting better at this music thing and discovering what I loved about it. After years of doing that, I realized that I needed to be in proximity to a community that was doing this same thing and where opportunities were happening. That informed the decision to move to Nashville! I think it was one of the best decisions my wife and I ever made!” 


When it comes to his upcoming music, Mitchel reveals, “I’m excited for people to hear the lyrics of all my music. Lyrics are something I labor over and am extremely intentional with. Words can’t describe the smile it brings to my soul when people message me about relating to the lyrical content of my music. I started making music to somehow make sense of these intangible inner workings that no other outlet seemed to capture. As a result, I often felt isolated and misunderstood by the world around me. These lyrics often feel like the liaison between my soul’s voice and the people around me. That connection is something that I truly cherish and don’t take for granted.”

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Mitchel Dae premiered his brand new single “oUcHiE” right here on his Tremblay Global artist profile, just hours before it dropped on streaming services. Mitchel shares, “oUcHiE was actually originally written satirically as a writing exercise. I accidentally cut my finger really badly opening a tuna can and it turned into a whole ordeal involving a trip to the ER, stitches, follow up doctor's visits and about 5 months of rehab to get it healed. I just thought it was such a ridiculous chain of events for such a menial and random occurrence. I went into the studio and thought it would be funny to write a song called “I cut my finger” and what poured out actually ended up being much more existential and reflective than the original intention was. It was like holding a mirror up to what was going on inside and when all the laughing was done, oUcHiE was what I was left with.”


Mitchel admits that his favorite line from “oUcHiE” is from the pre chorus — “that’s alright… I’ll play the bad guy”. Dae continues, “This hits me pretty hard. It’s almost an acceptance of the worst outcome in a given situation. It’s someone who would rather be painted as the villain who’s responsible for everything falling apart because it’s sometimes easier to assume that role than it is to actually press in and resolve the problem at hand. If I’m being honest, I find myself doing that very thing often.”


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