June 01, 2017   Written by Zack Tremblay | Photographed by Rob Frantuzzi

Mitchel Dae is a independent artist from Philadelphia, PA. Mitchel is gearing up for the premiere of his debut single “Head Down” and we have the exclusive. Before we get to that, we’re going to take it back to the beginning.  Mitchel’s first love for music happened quite randomly. “When I was 13, I took guitar lessons because some kid in my school always played guitar for our class and all of the girls loved it. I quickly realized how boring lessons were and quit. Years later in college, I was studying pre-law and had has a sudden realization that I wanted to do music for the rest of my life.” 


Mitchel is inspired by many artists, but John Mayer has made a huge impact on his love for music. “John Mayer is one of the most inspiring people to me. As a guitarist, I think that everything he does is nothing short of magical. Plain and simple. He just never ceases to amaze me and I completely fan boy out every time I see him play something. As a songwriter, I really resonate with his wordplay and how he’s able to paint a vivid picture with his voice and melodic choice. It was really cool to see him evolve from the “Room for Squares” John Mayer to the “Born and Raised” John Mayer to the “Search for Everything” John Mayer. It just goes to show that genre doesn't define or constrain your artistry if you don't want it to.” Much like Mayer, Mitchel likes to create his music based on what he is feeling in that moment.  


Dae has been hard at work in the studio working on new music and you can officially get a taste of all of that hard work on ZackTremblay.com. “Head Down” is Mitchel’s debut single and he reveals that this song comes from a very personal place. “I wrote the song to resemble some of the problems that a person might run into with a significant other, but it’s actually about my relationship with God. There was a pretty long period of time where I couldn't seem to understand why certain things were happening or what I could do to change them. It turned out that me focusing on the problems and uncertainties instead of digging in and nurturing that relationship was the problem all along. In a sense, I feel like I missed what God was really trying to show me in that season because  I was just walking through life with my head down.”


Mitchel reveals that he is one of the most unorganized and scattered people when it comes to working in the studio. Mitchel’s producer, Melvin Darrell, lives in constant state of frustration because of that. Though Dae takes his music very seriously, he is sharing nothing but humor in his ten-step process of an average studio session. “I show up late, Melvin gives me a stern “talking to” in his deep fatherly voice, I get frustrated because I know he’s right, but “who the heck does he think he is anyway?!”, I write something about being frustrated, I go get a pizza, we start to record what ever I wrote, I get distracted and throw around a ball (I usually have a ball with me), I get hungry again, Melvin gets mad because we “didn’t get anything done”, repeat.” I’d say this is a pretty appropriate formula for an artist in the studio. Well done, Mitchel!


Through all of the funny and tough moments in the studio, Mitchel extremely proud of what is to come. “I really like the ukulele, so I’m working on a few tracks that will be featuring that. I also just like making music based on what ever mood I'm in at that time so a lot of my newer music will be very “moody”. There is one track in particular that I produced all by myself so I’m super proud of it. It’s coming out at the end of the summer so keep an eye out!” Mitchel also admits, “At the risk of sounded extremely cliché, my singular goal in music from the start was to have somebody listen to a song that I poured myself out on, and really relate to whatever that song was saying. I guess moving forward, I just want to do that on a larger scale.” 

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