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It is about that time to introduce you all to the next Tremblay Global artist, Michael Johnston. Michael is not only a singer/songwriter, but an actor as well. Born in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, Johnston admits that he didn’t necessarily grow up in a musical household. Michael reveals, “There was a short time where I was in piano lessons as a child, but singing was always something I wanted to try but was too afraid to. (If I don’t say this now, my mother will kill me: she always told me I should sing!) My father became a bigger part of my life in my late teens and he loved to play guitar and sing, and this definitely inspired me. I sang for him in the car on my big move to Los Angeles when I was 18 for the first time. I remember being incredibly nervous and self conscious about my voice but he was so excited and encouraging. Every time he came to visit me in LA he would always play guitar and we would sing Otis Redding or John Mayer songs together.” 

While acting was in the forefront of Michael’s mind, he shares that working in voiceover has made him a better singer. In the beginning of Michael’s musical journey, his father gifted him a guitar that hung on his wall for a few years. Johnston reveals, “Once I got decent, I started writing songs and would sometimes perform in small LA venues.” One of those songs is Michael’s latest single “Gravity”. While “Gravity” is Michael’s third single release to date, he is very proud of the song. Johnston shares, “I was on an airplane to Australia for an acting job when I met the producer, Laprete. We just started talking about music and really hit it off. There was a strict quarantine at that time because of Covid, so we made the song while we were locked in our hotel for 2 weeks. Aidan (Laprete) sent me a few tracks he had made and I loved this one. He sent me a loop and I wrote the first half of the song and we built the rest of it together. He’s such a talented guy, and we will definitely make more music together.” 

Michael Johnston
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When it came to the lyrics, Michael relates the feeling of being on cloud 9. Michael admits, “It could be falling in love, or just feeling that adrenaline rush when life is a roller coaster. At the time I was excited to be flying to a new country living out my dreams as an actor (though I was eventually let go from that job, BOO!)” We believe that everything happens for a reason and despite the outcome of the series, Michael created a new relationship and a song that resonates with fans across the world.


Diving a bit deeper through the heart of “Gravity”, Michael admits that one of his favorite lyrics ended up being slightly controversial — “Let me take you to the apogee”.  Michael shares, “Apogee means “the highest point, the climax” or “the furthest point in orbit”. Many people have asked me why I wrote a song about taking someone to Applebee’s. Anyway, I always thought it was a cool word and it perfectly encapsulates the meaning of the song and the emotions I was feeling when I wrote it.”


Michael Johnston is at the beginning of a beautiful new chapter as an artist. With just three songs under his belt, he has found a new way to connect with his growing fan base around the world. Johnston admits, “I am most excited to continue experimenting and collaborating with other artists and producers to explore and define my style. I love telling stories, and being able to do that through music is creatively fulfilling for me. I don’t have to sit around and wait for an acting job or read someone else’s script! Nothing beats that.”


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