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Leigh Nash by Ashtin Paige



May 01, 2020 — It has been two decades since Sixpence None the Richer released "Kiss Me". Leigh Nash joins Zack Tremblay to discuss the iconic hit.

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Zack Tremblay | I want to kick things off with the release of your brand new EP, ‘Get Happy’. What initially inspired you to compile this body of work?


Leigh Nash | As the years go by, I have more to say. And in my opinion the content deepens. The music calls me to it. Creativity is a wonderful, mysterious thing.

ZT | This is your first body of work in quite some time. What was your experience like jumping back in the studio and writing for this project? 


LN | Things have changed drastically for most musicians. Unless you’re independently wealthy or have a label behind you, there is no “diving into a recording studio and taking your time creating”. I certainly miss those days. Now it seems more hodgepodge, you record as you can afford it. This is unfortunate but it also takes the pressure off where writing is concerned. Might  as well take your time and say exactly what you want to say. I don’t mean to sound bitter about all that, but I got to be honest, I’ve seen a lot. A lot more than most, frankly. 


ZT | ‘Get Happy’ is the closing track on the EP. What is it about this title track that influences this body of work as a whole? 


LN | Judy Garland is such an enigmatic character. When she sang this song, i hear so much irony in the performance. I know the rigors of this business and cannot imagine what all she went through in her lifetime. On the other hand the song is uplifting, spiritual and true. Felt important. I wanted to see what i could bring to it.


ZT | This EP includes a re-recorded version of “Kiss Me”. This song has obviously changed your life and has made a huge impact in the music industry. What was it like revisiting this song twenty years later? 


LN | It was cool. Ill try it again in another 20 years and see if its still cool. Ha. I think one of best aspects of creating music is doing it with people you love and people that understand you. 


ZT | You had the opportunity to collaborate with your husband Stephen Wilson, Jr. as a producer. What was that experience like for you? 


LN | Stephen is extremely talented. He has a a great ear for instrumentation and leaves the singing to me. Perfect combo!


ZT | I am grateful to have the opportunity to speak with someone like you, who has lived through the industry for so many years. Your insight and experience is valuable in so many ways. What would you say you have gained from being in this industry for nearly three decades?


LN | Thank you for saying so. Ive gained wisdom that I’m still trying to trust. There is much to lament about the current state of the industry, but also so much freedom and room for new artists to find their own platform without the help of “the man”. I dig that, always have. Artists that never could have gotten a foot in the door 25 years ago, are able to get in the fray and find their unique voice.

ZT | I imagine you learned along the way as well. What would you say you have learned most about yourself as an artist, even over the past few years?


LN | I can tend to be a shrinking violet. That’s what I’d like to change. If someone starts to have a similar sound (which has happened a lot over the years) i tend to think my creative voice is null and void. That is a lie. Working really hard these days to combat the doubts. To meet creativity in the middle somewhere and make a joyful noise.

ZT | Looking back on your career, what would you say has been the most rewarding aspect?


LN | No doubt, connecting with people. It is the medicine we all need so desperately. I have found so much connection that has been life support at times. 


ZT | I imagine that working on ‘Get Happy’ has inspired you to create even more. Do you have plans to write/record new music this year? 


LN | Writing right now. I also really enjoy digging into my favorite songs by other artists and learning them and seeing if i can offer a new take. The artists i love most live very close to my heart and vein of creativity. 


ZT | Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to catch up with us today, Leigh. You are a legend and I can’t wait for our readers to hear this new music!


LN | Thank you Zack!

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