Laura and Vanessa Marano

L A U R A   A N D   V A N E S S A   M A R A N O

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Laura Marano and Zack Tremblay
Tremblay Magazine - Fall Issue
Laura Marano's Birthday at Radio Disney

In the Fall of 2016, Laura Marano appeared on the cover of Tremblay Magazine for the self-empowerment issue. Marano later went on to sit down with Zack Tremblay to discuss her single "Boombox" and newly launched fragrance line. The interview was streamed on 'Zack Tremblay Live' via-Facebook to nearly 30,000 viewers. Read a portion of the interview below, along with a link to download the full issue!

Laura Marano grew up with music being a huge part of her life. From making up songs and performing them for her family to learning piano for the first time at age nine. Everything came together for the "Boombox" singer after all the years of hard word and dedication to her dream. We all fell in love with Laura as Ally Dawson in the Disney Channel original series, Austin & Ally. With her character having a musical background, we got  taste of what to expect in her original material. "Having my own "Laura Marano" music out there is the most incredible feeling in the world. The fact that people can now hear music that I created or collaborated or worked on in any creative way makes me feel way more connected with my audience than ever before."

Laura Marano by Josh Williams for Tremblay Magazine

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Vannessa Marano by Josh Williams for Tremblay Magazine
Tremblay Magazine - Winter Issue - Part Two
Vanessa Marano