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December 03, 2018   Written with Live Images by Zack Tremblay | Promotional Image by Ashtin Paige 


Kris Allen is back on the road in support of his holiday album ‘Somethin’ About Christmas’. This is Allen’s second run of the tour, admitting that he believes tradition has a lot to do with the success of the tour this time of year. Considering Kris has not toured much this year, other than the American Idol Live tour, he was excited to get out on the road and do his own shows. Aside from a few new people being out on the road, Allen reveals that this tour is very similar to the last one. For Kris, the most rewarding part of this tour is the interaction between his band and the crowd. “I love interaction between myself and the band. I think this type of show, the type of music we are playing, it feels a little more interactive. We’re not playing a lot of serious Christmas music, it’s kind of just fun. I also love the interaction with the crowd  because we are singing so many songs that people know, and they are able to sing along.” This show is something the entire family can enjoy. There is no real separation between the artist and the crowd. It’s just a room full of people enjoying the holiday classics. I think around this time of year, especially after everything our world has gone through, a unified room full of people enjoying each others company is just what we need. That is the power of music!

Earlier this year, Kris released an original single titled “When All The Stars Have Died”. While this tour has been jam packed with Christmas classics, the show also offered a few originals written by Kris. Ahead of Kris’ performance of “When All The Stars Have Died”, he shared a heartwarming story of how much love he had for his daughter. The flow of this tour felt like the blink of an eye. The show was filled with fun  and witty moments from Kris, but also soft and sentimental ones as well. With Christmas right around the corner, Allen reveals that he is excited to spend time with family this year. “I’m excited about that because I actually get to spend the holiday’s with my family. We’re going to do Christmas in Nashville this year, we’ve never done that with our kids. We haven’t ever decorated our house because we’ve never done Christmas at our house, and this year we have. We’re doing the whole thing, so it’s good.” With 2019 quickly approaching, Kris is gearing up for the release of some new music. “It’s the longest I’ve ever gone without putting out a full album. I appreciate people being patient. I’m trying to be patient as well because I think if we were to set a date, it would probably be good because I procrastinate naturally. I also think that it has been really nice to figure out what the next thing should be. I have loved this time to write and really create. There are some songs that I absolutely love and think is some of the best stuff I have.”

Kris Allen - Somethin' About Christmas
Kris Allen and Zack Tremblay
Kris Allen - When All The Stars Have Die

In an industry where everything is calculated, Kris has managed to create a show with a natural flow, allowing the fans to have an experience like no other. There is star power behind Kris’ abilities as an artist and performer. This show has shined a light on Kris’ personality unlike any artist I have seen before. Every moment of the Somethin’ About Christmas Tour was special from the very first song to the soft and tender finish. I think that a tour like this has such a positive impact on the communities where Kris visits. Having something like this to look forward to, at least for a second time, is a special moment. Only time will tell if we will have the pleasure of experiencing the Somethin’ About Christmas Tour next year! 

For all of you wonderful people at home, visit for a full list of tour dates. If you are not able to make it to a show, stream Kris Allen’s ‘Somethin’ About Christmas’ album, now available on all streaming services. You can now watch a full length visual interview with Kris below. This interview was filmed at City Winery in Boston, MA on November 30, 2018.

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