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April 23, 2018 — Zack Tremblay chats with Colbie Caillat in support of her new album 'The Malibu Sessions', ahead of her upcoming tour! 

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After nearly ten years in the entertainment industry, Colbie Caillat has proven that her music has longevity. With her new album, ‘The Malibu Sessions’ on the horizon, Caillat is about to begin a new era. The album is being released under Colbie’s label, PlummyLou Records this October. “The most rewarding part for me is that I made this album exactly how I wanted to, it sounds exactly how I imagined it should sound while writing it.” Over the years we fell in love with Caillat’s hits such as “Bubbly”, “Realize” and “The Little Things”, just to name a few. Not to worry, according to Colbie, we definitely have something to look forward to. “I think people who've followed my music since the beginning will be happy I went back to the vibe Coco had.” Colbie brought the recording process for this upcoming album to her home town of Malibu, California. “Getting to step outside and touch the sand and then go back in and record a vocal, not ever having to get in a car and drive in traffic to a session, was soooo amazing!!! It really allowed us to make the most of every song every day.” With the opportunity, freedom and inspiration surrounding Caillat, Malibu truly brought the best out of her. “On sunny days it's spectacular. Bright blue ocean, clear blue skies, rolling mountain tops lining the coast with the perfect misty breeze passing through.” Colbie reveals that the everyone is active and lives a healthy lifestyle, which motivates her.


After two years since Colbie’s last release, ‘Gypsy Heart’, she admits “I'm slowly understanding myself and learning to embrace who I am and what I want to represent.” Like most of us, Colbie grew up unsure about many things. After writing her hit single “Try”, she came into her own. “It's made life so much more enjoyable!” Colbie had the opportunity to take part in every single detail during the creative process. “My album cover is a picture I took while recording this record, the artwork for it I made with my co writer/producer Jason Reeves, the music video for my song Goldmine consists of footage from my cell phone and B-roll footage from recording the album and my fiancé Justin Young and I edited it together.” Despite all the work and responsibility that comes along with this process, Caillat reveals that she is really proud of it all.


“The first song I wrote for The Malibu Sessions is called Gypsy Heart and it's the opening track.” Colbie wrote the track four years ago with Jason Reeves and Mikal Blue, who work on her first album ‘CoCo’. Caillat says Gypsy Heart “set the tone for every song” she wrote after that. “I wanted to make my own version of Paul Simon's album Graceland and I wanted to record it the way my dad told me he recorded Fleetwood Mac's album Rumours. All vintage equipment and instruments, one producer, same musicians on every song, all of us building these songs together. And that's exactly what we did.”Colbie has stayed with the same team throughout this entire process, most of whom she considers friends. Jason Reeves, Justin Young, Toby Gad, Rune Westberg, John Shanks, Kara DioGuardi and Mikal Blue all took part in making Colbie’s music everything is came to be. “I added a few friends who I'd never written with before, Danelle Reeves, Taylor Berrett, and my sister Morgan Caillat. We wrote all these songs on the shores of lakes and beaches in California, and the island of Kauai. So typical of us :)”


Colbie will kick off The Malibu Sessions Acoustic Tour on October 8, 2016 in Napa, CA with special guests Justin Young & High Dive Heart. This time around, Colbie was involved with most of the details for this tour. “Oh my goodness so much is involved! Hand picking my band and crew together, choosing what venues to play at, designing the tour logo, designing a stage plot and stage decor and backdrop, making the setlist, thinking about lighting styles for the show, video content for the show, making a pre show playlist and post show playlist, designing my website, making a dressing room rider, having band rehearsals, choosing wardrobe, meet and greet schedules, deciding what goes in the VIP packages, designing the merchandise, choosing a tour bus, putting together a promo schedule, all while promoting the album and single!” Caillat admits that this process has taken a lot of creativity and involves a number of people.The fans have been a major part in Colbie’s growth as a performer. “I've always had stage fright, my entire life and my entire career.” While it is initially hard to adjust to being on stage every night, Caillat shares that it’s the fans that make her feel so comfortable and loved. “They've really helped me grow to love performing! Also, hearing stories that my songs help them through the ups and downs in their lives is honestly the best part. It connects us all and we no longer feel alone in the situations we all go through.” This is Colbie’s very first acoustic tour, which has been on the back of her mind for a while now. “I love music in the raw and it suits the recordings on this album perfectly. We're doing "The Malibu Sessions" in its entirety along with some of my previous hits.” This time around, the tour will showcase a true “storyteller”.


The Malibu Sessions is set to release on October 7, 2016 featuring the lead single “Goldmine”. “I want this album to uplift people and make them happy. I want them to have a soundtrack for every situation or event in their daily lives.” Colbie wraps up the interview by saying that she would like this album to inspire us and be a part of our great memories. As Colbie embarks on this next chapter of her career we wish her nothing but the best. I can speak on behalf of the fans and say that we look forward to following her journey as ‘The Malibu Sessions’ kicks in to high gear!

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