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MARCH 01, 2020



From the start Kane Brown has been breaking down industry barriers, especially in country music. Kane is living proof where hard work can take you. In this exclusive interview, Kane opens up about his latest music and upcoming tour!

Kane Brown - TREMBLAY
Tremblay Media Group


After an incredible run in Europe, Kane Brown kicked off his North American tour on February 29th in Atlantic City, NJ. Kane admits, “It’s been fun and a little different this year because we actually just came back from touring in Europe for the first time, but that was a totally different touring experience and the shows weren’t set up the way we are about to launch here in the US. It was amazing being over there and having the fans sing along and show up the way they did but I am excited to showcase the production we have this time around out on the road. I think the fans are going to be surprised. We have been in rehearsals non-stop, so we are ready to get out there.” Going on tour comes with a lot of behind the scenes work, especially when it comes to putting together a set list. Kane reveals, “I think the set list is something that can vary from show to show but it's been exciting to have people know more of my songs now from when I first started touring. What Ifs used to feel like the biggest reaction early in touring but now if feels like so many more are rising to the top when the fans sing it back.” This time around, Kane is looking forward to performing “Worldwide Beautiful” live - since no one has really heard it yet fully.


2019 was such an incredible year for Kane, both personally and professionally. Last October, Kane and his wife Kate welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Kingsley Rose Brown. Becoming a dad is one of the most rewarding experiences and for Kane, that comes with a whole new journey of balance. “Its an incredible feeling, but it's hard to describe all the time. Just knowing I can be there for her, and knowing I will do everything I can for her always. She’s my life. She’s the thing it all centers around now. Music and family.” On the music end of things, Kane joined forces with Marshmello last year for their hit single, “One Thing Right”. Kane reveals, “We were both nominated for the American Music Awards and I was out at the show and we both ended up winning that night. It happened really organically. He hit me up and was like I would love to work with you and I sent him a song I had written thinking it would originally be for the Experiment album called “One Thing Right.” It's been one of my favorite collaborations and he really took that song to the next level.” While Kane has had the opportunity to collaborate with some incredible artists, John Legend, Shakira and Tim McGraw are at the top of his list for future collaborations. 


Touring is definitely a priority for Kane, but he has also spent quite some time working on new music. Kane admits, “I’ve been writing a lot, and now that we are out back on the road we are planning to keep touring and figure out the timeline for the next few songs..but I am always writing, recording and always want to put things out as soon as possible. There is definitely more to come soon.” Since his launch in 2014, Kane has made a name for himself, proving there are no limits to what and who you can reach. Kane shares, “I want to keep breaking barriers and growing our fanbase. I’d want to inspire people, and maybe make them think before they decide what country is or can be. And inspiring people to be themselves and not give up on any dream they really have.”

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