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February 01, 2019   Written with Live Images by Zack Tremblay

Jesse McCartney by Zack Tremblay

Jesse McCartney kicked off 2019 in the biggest way by hitting the road for a sold out tour. McCartney admits that 2019 feels like a new beginning and that is why he decided to head out on ‘The Resolution Tour’. Jesse shares that one of his biggest resolutions was to finish an album. “We released a couple of songs this year but I want to get back in the studio after this tour and finish it up.” McCartney made a big return to music last year with the release of his highly anticipated single, “Better With You” followed by his latest hit, “Wasted”. 

While the fans have a lot to look forward to when attending this tour, Jesse reveals that he doesn’t like to put too many unfamiliar songs on his set list. McCartney has teased the fans on this tour performing new songs such as “Soul”, and my personal favorite, “What Happens Next”, but the rest of the show is a collection of hits spanning from the very beginning of Jesse’s solo career. Having as many hits as Jesse has, he admits that finding a cohesive order to the set list was quite the difficult task. “It’s one of the hardest things to do on a tour. To be honest, I usually feel like I have it dialed in and on this tour, about two or three shows in, we were actually still tweaking. You can never really know until you get out in front of the audience.” There has to be something said for an artist that can captivate an audience to the extent that Jesse does. Looking around, all you can see is a room full of genuinely happy fans, who sing their hearts out to every single song. There is a sense of nostalgia in the air as McCartney performs “Leavin’”, “Right Where You Want Me”, “She’s No You”, and of course, “Beautiful Soul”. One of the biggest highlights of the night was when McCartney performed “Bleeding Love”, the hit single he wrote for Leona Lewis. “I think it’s one of those things a lot of people don’t know. I just love performing, it’s one of my favorite songs and I have such a connection to it. It’s a winner, it really goes over well with the audience. All of the girls love singing it at the top of their lungs. It’s a sweet moment and we do it as an encore at the end of the show.” 

Jesse McCartney - Wasted
Jesse McCartney
Jesse McCartney - Better With You

Aside from Jesse’s incredible set list on The Resolution Tour, he also has quite the style game going on. McCartney takes the time to praise his stylist sharing, “I have an amazing stylist Melissa Lynn, she is also one of my close friends in Los Angeles. She does a lot of styling for Katy Perry. She is just a Godsend. She is just the fastest stylist, if I give her a deadline of 24 hours, she can pull from every rack around Los Angeles and give me a wide range of options.” Jesse also partnered with a few others on this tour including Top Man, Richfresh and a few others. But, what is a good outfit without a good pair of shoes? McCartney admits that the shoe game is out of control on this tour revealing, “I like to keep it looking fresh on stage.”

While the fans anticipate McCartney’s next album, they have some quality content to hold them over. I am referring to the visual for Jesse’s latest single “Wasted”, that recently released. “For the song “Wasted” it would have been really easy for us to shoot a drunken montage and I feel like we have seen that so many times. I really wanted to do something a little left of center, something new.” For anyone that knows Jesse, you know that he is a goofball. McCartney shares, “All I do is try to look for a joke in every conversation.” That gave him the perfect opportunity for this visual as he plays multiple different roles. “I thought this was a good opportunity to stretch my comedy legs and we decided that I would play every character in the video.” The video takes place in the late 70’s, early 80’s, inside a comedic soap opera titled ‘The Young & The Wasted’. The idea for this video was born from a sketch McCartney did with Funny or Die back in 2018, where he played himself, his manager and his manager’s assistant. Jesse admits, “It was such a big success with the fans, I want to try and do another video where I play all of the roles again.”

McCartney released his debut album under Hollywood Records back in September 2004. With all of his success over the years, the “Beautiful Soul” singer has remained humble and grateful for everything he has. “There’s very few people in this world that can make a living doing what they absolutely love to do. That is something I get to say. I’m truly grateful for all of the support that the fans have given me over the years. I can’t believe that we are still selling out shows after all these years.” After a nearly four year hiatus, McCartney is back better than ever. “Just their warm response and their dedication to me and my career over the years, means so much. Being able to walk off this tour and try to finish up an album so I get back out there is my biggest priority.” 


You can catch Jesse on The Resolution Tour through February 13th. Until the release of his next album, you can stream his latest hits including “Better With You” and “Wasted” across all music streaming services. 

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