April 17, 2019   Written by Zack Tremblay | Photographed by Daniel N. Johnson

Jāmin is here to world premiere his brand new single "Do You Remember?" (Feat. Carol C). The track will lead Jāmin's upcoming EP, releasing this June. Read along below as Jāmin opens up about his upcoming music in this exclusive interview.

Zack Tremblay | I want to kick things off with the release of your new single “Do You Remember?”. What is the inspiration behind this track?

Jāmin This song chose us! It is the first track we made together and came from our shared musical sensibility. Carol likes to write in her own time and space, so I made the track, then Carol vibed with it on her own and put down her reflective vocals. Later my good friend and co-collaborator, Sage, put down the guitar. 100% vibes.


Zack Tremblay | You had the opportunity to collaborate with Carol C on this track. How did this collaboration come about and why do you feel like Carol was perfect for this single?


Jāmin Carol and I have actually known each other since the 90s! She was friends with one of my DJ mentors. We would see each other on the DJ/club scene and have had some great times dancing, DJing and partying together. We've always had similar taste in music (since the days of Drum&Bass and warehouse raves) and shared new songs. I've always liked her singing, since I heard her work with Si*Se. She is super picky with the producers she works with as a singer, so I was really honored when she agreed to do a collabo. She has great taste as DJ, and is excellent at melodic music trivia!


Zack Tremblay | “Do You Remember” is just a taste of what we can expect from your upcoming EP, set to release this June. How would you describe the creative approach you took, while putting this EP together?


Jāmin My approach was to create songs that communicate the emotional human experiences which unite us, and songs that bring some light to important issues right now, like leadership and economic disparity. Sonically I explore a mix of various styles in one cohesive pallet/vibe. As a music lover, DJ and citizen of the world I love so many different types and approaches to music. The music I create is reflection of all these styles and experiences coming through me. For example, some of my songs have an RnB sound (like Do You Remember?), others more of a dance feel, others a hiphop feel, etc. It's a fun challenge for me to create and choose these differing songs and group them so they simply feel good and coherent together.

You can now stream Jāmin's brand new single "Do You Remember?" (Feat. Carol C) below. A full length version of this interview can been seen inside the upcoming May issue of TREMBLAY. Keep an eye out for more TREMBLAY Discover Artists coming soon!

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