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Christian Paul by Jason Goodrich



July 01, 2019 — Following the release of his debut single, Christian Paul opens up to Zack Tremblay about his creative process, plans for the future + more.

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Christian Paul by Jason Goodrich

Christian Paul made his debut with the release of his single “When Love Don’t Love You Back” in March. “When Love Don’t Love You Back” was the first song Christian wrote for this project after he got signed. “I wrote it with my SRP team, and we were trying to create a modern day Otis Redding, Sam Cooke classic! It’s one of my favorite songs on the EP.” This first single was a collaborative effort between Christian and Jamie Hartman. Christian admits, “Jamie is amazing! He added some nice flavor to the track we had cut. His instincts are always on point!” Christian at the core, is a huge fan of soul music, admitting, “My dad introduced me to the legends like Curtis Mayfield, Sky and The Family Stone, Prince.. on and on. And as I grew up I really looked up to Maxwell, Lauryn Hill and especially D’Angelo!” With Christian’s EP right around the corner, the young artist shares how much of a great experience this entire process has been. “I’ve been incredibly blessed to work with some really phenomenal songwriters I look up to. I went to the UK and wrote with Eg White, Amy Wadge, and Wayne Hector. I also spent a lot of time in NY with Evan and Carl, and in LA with Jamie Hartman. It’s like going to college for writing songs!” 


We recently got another taste of Christian’s debut EP with the release of his second single, “Strong”. “Strong” comes from a very vulnerable and personal place for Christian. “The inspiration for the song came from the phone call I had with my mom where she broke the news to me that my step dad was diagnosed with cancer. Her voice was shaking, and I could tell that she was trying to hold it together emotionally. In that moment, I told her that she had been strong for me my entire life; now it was my turn to be strong for her. I reassured her that if there was no one else that she felt like she could break down in front of, she could break down in front of me.” For Christian, “Strong” is about carrying another person’s burdens out of love, regardless of how heavy or unfavorable the circumstances or past may be. Christian’s step dad is in remission and doing well, which was great news for the “Strong” singer.


While Christian is just starting out on this journey, he admits that he has a lot to be grateful for, “Just being able to work with so many talented people! And the belief from my label and management.” This year is all about Christian reaching as many people as possible with his music, along with spreading the message of unity and love. “I can’t wait to get out in the road and perform!” Christian Paul will drop his debut EP this month featuring both “When Love Don’t Love You Back” + “Strong”.

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