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February 01, 2017 — Martina McBride is about to head out on her Love Unleashed Tour. Listen in as Zack Tremblay chats with Martina about the future.

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Martina McBride is gearing up for the return of her Love Unleashed Tour presented by CMT's Next Women of Country. Lauren Alaina will be joining Martina beginning on February 2nd in St Louis. Fans have a lot to look forward to as McBride opens up about the meaning behind the tour, recording a new Christmas album + resolutions she set for herself this year. Join me for an exclusive conversation with Martina McBride.


With the tour being right around the corner, this is a very exciting time for Martina. “We actually did this tour for a few dates in the fall and just loved it so much. McBride admits that she was very disappointed when the tour came to an end but is thrilled they got the opportunity to carry it over to this year. "It's such a great concept for a tour and the fans really seem to love it." This time around Martina has partnered with CMT's 'Next Women of Country'. "They are very strong and supporting women in country music.” This is something Martina is extremely passionate about and has supported through her songs and charitable endeavors over the years.


Lauren Alaina will be joining Martina on the road following the release of her brand new album 'Road Less Traveled'. McBride admits, "Lauren Alaina is such a great singer. I've watched her over the past few years kind of struggle a little bit. Her determination is inspiring." Now that Lauren has a hit on the radio, Martina has some words of wisdom for the young country star. "I think that it's important to be true to your self and to listen to your instincts. Sometimes we have a lot of pressure and a lot of people to do different things that might not feel right. I would just encourage her and all the other women starting out in this business who get pulled in a lot of different directions to just try and listen to their little inner voice and stay true to that."


Martina shares that this tour is all about love. Despite all of the negative things happening around us, she wants her fans to leave the world outside for a couple of hours and share a common experience full of love and positivity. This concept for Martina started in her very own home. "I have an eleven year old daughter at home and I was just started to think about how all that constant twenty four seven coverage of all the bad things happening could affect her. I wanted to find a way to make it more positive." For Martina's family it was as simple as watching less news, getting off the internet and listening to more music together as a family. McBride reveals, “It really made me realize that I want to create that type of space for my fans." That is a goal many artists hope to achieve in their careers and Martina is certainly doing just that.


The fans have a lot to look forward to when it comes to Martina's set. Over the years she has released numerous hits including “Independence Day”, “Broken Wing”, “Anyway" and "Reckless" just to name a few. Aside from that, Martina shares "We've pulled out a couple of songs that we haven't done in a really long time.” McBride reveals that she will close out the night with a powerful song. "It's a classic song about love and I feel like our version of it is really fresh and different." This moment is definitely set to leave the audience with a really powerful message. If you need an uplifting night, get your tickets to the Love Unleashed Tour!


The Love Unleashed Tour will wrap on March 11th in Pennsylvania and Martina reveals that she will be taking some time off once she returns back to Nashville. Next up on the agenda, a Christmas album! While in the studio, Martina reveals some important key factors when it comes to recording new music. "Just being comfortable, knowing the songs, surround yourself with great musicians and a producer that you can really collaborate with.” McBride shares that it's all about creativity, experimenting and having fun. We are only a few weeks in to the new year and Martina took some time to reveal some of her resolutions she made for herself both personally and professionally. “I decided I wanted to read more, you know, get off the internet and social media. Like I said, make the Christmas album is one of my career goals for this year. It's been a long time since I made an album like that.” McBride admits that she, much like everybody else, has the resolution to get healthier and back in shape.


We have a feeling that things will not be slowing down anytime soon for Martina. She is expected to play a few fairs this summer and possibly tour the UK. Make sure you pick up your tickets for the Love Unleashed Tour presented by CMT's Next Women of Country with special guest Lauren Alaina.

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