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gnash by Jimmy Fontaine



January 01, 2019 — Following the release of his debut album via-Atlantic Records, gnash joins Zack Tremblay for an exclusive Q&A to discuss music, tour + more.

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Zack Tremblay | I want to kick things off with the release of your debut album via-Atlantic Records. First, how does it feel to have your first full-body of work out there? Also, tell us about the title ‘we’. 


gnash | it feels great. it’s been a long time coming & i’m happy it’s out & helping people. that’s all i care about. the title represents who i wrote it for, “we”. i hope the songs bring people together so we can feel better.


ZT | “t-shirt” has been creating quite the buzz since the release, specifically the music video. How did the concept for this video come about?  


g | i was watching videos i grew up on, & specifically “weightless” by my friends all time low & wanted to pay homage to the music that raised me. my creative partner max angles suggested we do just that, & then boni mata (who directed the video) sent over the treatment that worked in the love story. it worked perfectly with what the song represents to me, & we went from there.


ZT | You collaborated with Ben Abraham and Olivia O’Brien on this album. What was it like working with them and how did these collaborations come about?


g | ben came over to my house for a session & when played the me the chorus idea he had for “dear insecurity” i knew i needed it on my album. i found olivia on soundcloud via a cover she did of my first song 4 years ago & then we made “i hate u, i love u”. but beyond them, i also collaborated with many amazing writers & producers behind the scenes. imad royal & jimmy robbins worked on almost every song, as well as writers like ace enders, charlie snyder, justin parker, moon willis & roget chahayed, to name a few.


ZT | I want to jump in to the creative process for this record. Where did you find yourself pulling inspiration from while in the studio creating this body of work? 


g | i was going through a lot. i started seeking the mental health help i knew i needed before i helped anyone else. i started writing while on this journey, & then i got a therapist to help me figure things out about myself. all the while i knew if i documented the process & progress, it would help people who were dealing with similar things & feelings, & fortunately it already seems to be :)


ZT | Who would you say inspires you the most as an artist today? 


g | i love jack johnson, i aspire to live like him. most days i’m ready to just be in hawaii already & write love & life songs. i guess i’m doing the second half of that already. i also love anybody who is just getting started or has been in the game for a minute, because that inspires me to keep inspiring.


ZT | You are currently on the road through February 8th. What has it been like playing this material live for the first time and what do you think the fans have been responding to the most? 


g | it’s been awesome! i think people love pajamas, insane, wait... really all of them. i’m so thankful for this album & the new music. i love the older stuff, but it’s exciting to have new material to jam out. a lot of it is more band based or allows me to play acoustic guitar up front, so that’s been super fun.


ZT | Have you had a favorite stop on the tour yet? Any cities that you love visiting? 


g | i love anywhere that is willing & open to feeling love. every night has been special in it’s own way. i’m looking forward to nashville because i wrote a lot of the songs there (the broken hearts club, feel better, etc) & i’m excited to share them with that magical city.


ZT | Finally, now that you have released your debut album, what are looking forward to the most? Have you set any goals or plans for 2019? 


g | i just want to feel better & help people feel better too. i’m aiming to maintain or be a better me every day than i was the day before this year.


ZT | Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us today! We’re looking forward to following your journey and wishing you the best of luck with this new album. Cheers and Congrats


g | of course! thank u so much for making me think! smile drink water drive safe & ilusm <3 - g

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