March 15, 2017   A Zack Tremblay Interview | Photographed by J3 Collection

ZACK | Your first single “Half Hearted” was released in February. How did this single come about? Take us through the inspiration behind the track!

FINN | Half Hearted is about not giving your all to something. The lyrics repeated through the song are “give me it all, or give me nothing at all”, which really sums up the message, like, why would you go to see a movie and only watch half of it?, it can be related to anything — love related or not. The record was sent to us by the talented writers, Mike Mac, Jordan Baum, and Michael Matosic, and I loved the record. I went in and wrote the bridge, then cut the record. Afterwards, I went in and worked on production with the producers Sam Barsh and Charlie Bethel, who worked magic on it. 


ZACK | You also released a music video for “Half Hearted”, how did this concept come together?

FINN | My management was in contact with Erik White, the director of the video. He was the creative mind behind the video. We met beforehand to go over and refine some of the details. Shooting the video was super fun and a new experience for me, I can’t wait to do more videos.


ZACK | As a young artist in the industry, who would you say inspires you most in your career?

FINN | I would say people like Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran, and definitely Michael Jackson are really inspiring to me musically. When I was younger, my dad played Michael’s music videos on the TV, and they were really intriguing and attention grabbing. I aspire to be like that.  


ZACK | When you start young in this industry, I find from personal experience, that your dreams are so important. What goals have you set for yourself moving forward?

FINN | One goal I have is to always stay humble, but also to always be improving on myself, whether it be musically or personally. In the future, no matter how good I get at something, I know that I can always be better, and there is always someone I can learn from. 


ZACK | We recently got a taste of a stripped down style to your sound with the release of “I Wrote A Love Song”. How would you describe the recording process for this song?

FINN | Recording “I Wrote a Love Song” was really fun and, as always, a great learning experience. I spend a lot of time in the studio, but I always end up learning something new, which is great. The song was vocal produced by Mischke, who works with Britney Spears and lots of others, so that was really cool as well. 


ZACK | Your career is just kicking off, what else can we look forward to this year?

FINN | Right now, I’m working on the next single, which will be out in the next month or so, and I’m ecstatic about that song coming out, and I’m working on the video to go along with the song. I’m also rehearsing for a live performance and a few showcases, so that is really exciting. You can stay up to date with what’s going on at my website or on my social media @finnmatthews. 


ZACK | Finally, what advice would you give other young teens trying to follow in the same path as you by following their dreams?


FINN | I would just say to keep working towards your goals. Even if it may seem like things are not working, do not give up! I’m still following my dreams, and I definitely have a long way to go, but I think if you keep putting in the effort and work, then people around you will notice. 

The latest single from Finn Matthews, "I Wrote A Love Song", is now available on Amazon Music

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