September 01, 2016   A Zack Tremblay Interview | Photographed by Desert Wonder

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I am thrilled to introduce you to my new friends Desert Wonder. In this special feature we are giving you an inside look in to the Fall Issue of Tremblay Magazine. Jose and Tara take the time to catch up and world premiere their debut single "Stay" right here on Don't miss the full length interview in Tremblay Magazine on September 22nd.

Zack Tremblay: As independent artists, how would you describe your recording process specifically. What is a day like in the studio for you?


Desert Wonder: Well, it is very informal to say the least. We never set a time to write songs. We just worship and out of that place, sometimes a song comes out and sometimes not. However, that has never been the purpose or reason for us to commune with God. When it comes to the production side of things, we love to share our ideas and then find ways of improving them with each other's feedback. We believe that having the freedom of allowing each other be a part of that process is essential for a true representation of who we are as a band. We have our own little home studio, so studio hours can happen at any time of the day and even night. We've gotten creative with ways of producing, where for example, our personal closet has become our favorite place to record vocals because of the acoustics and limited outside noise. We are constantly pushing and encouraging each other which is something we’ve held onto as the process can get overwhelming. As independent artists, the journey can get lonely so having each other has been a blessing that makes it so much more enjoyable!


ZT: What is the inspiration behind your debut single "Stay"?


DW: Sometimes when you are in a season of transition, it's easy to find yourself second guessing the steps you've taken or feeling like you've entered into a desert. During a time of worship in a season just like that, we heard the Lord pulling us close and reminding that He has a plan and a purpose in each step and although we can't see it in full yet, He is revealing it to us little by little. He kept whispering "just stay with me awhile and let our dreams become one." We were wrecked with this constant invitation from the Lord and were quickly filled with confidence of who He is over what we were feeling. This is a little piece of the story behind "STAY".


ZT: Who are some of your biggest influences in music and how do they make an impact in your recording process?


DW: We find ourselves influenced by the artists we consider are more impactful in our spiritual lives more than just in the musical aspect. Lately we've been following Jonathan and Melissa Helser, the Bethel team (specially Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, Jeremy Riddle), Leeland, Lindy Conant, United Pursuit, among other worshipers the Lord is using for His Kingdom.


ZT: This early on in your career I can imagine you both have set goals for yourselves as musicians. What are some of those goals?


DW: Through this process of writing and recording we’ve often times caught ourselves trying to produce a perfect track. We’ve decided that it’s better to aim for a more vulnerable track rather than a perfect one. Because of that, one of our goals is to create music people can identify with! Overall, I think our biggest goal is to impact lives! Sure, we have goals to push ourselves as musicians, but we know that the world is waiting for something bigger than talent. There's always going to be the next big name in music that can vocally or musically blow our minds but we are aiming for more than that.. Something that changes people.

Continue reading this excluisve Q&A with Desert Wonder in the Fall Issue of Tremblay Magazine on September 22nd.

Visit Desert Wonder's official website to get a free download of their debut single "Stay", here.

"Stay" World Premiere - Desert Wonder