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April 01, 2019   Written with Live Images by Zack Tremblay | Promotional Image by MEGAMAN

David Archuleta by Zack Tremblay
David Archuleta by Zack Tremblay
David Archuleta by Zack Tremblay

David Archuleta is currently on the road for a special two-month spring tour in support of his latest album, Postcards In The Sky. Archuleta admits that the tour has been great. “It’s great to see the fans in person and share the music face to face with them.” This album has been a therapeutic experience for David, revealing that the past ten years have inspired him to write what is really in his heart. After a two year mission in Chile, South America, Archuleta returned to the music industry with a completely different perspective. The mission helped Archuleta gain direction, which he has shared in his latest material. 


David recently filmed a visual for “Postcards In the Sky”, sharing that they always had a vision of what they wanted the concept of the video to be. Archuleta wrote the title track with a couple of friends, and the they always had the idea of how the lyrics would be visually represented. “Postcards In The Sky” is all about learning how to speak up and let your words into the world, because you never know who they may touch. David shares that the video showcases different scenarios of people going through hard times. “We all go through hard things, life throws curve balls and it’s kind of a result of those words getting to those people when they need them.” Archuleta wanted to show as much love to this album as possible, considering he had full creative control. “I wanted to show a little more love to this album before I release new content this year. I think the biggest take away I’ve gotten is hearing how the messages impact people.” One of David’s biggest goals while on the road, is allowing his audience to have fun and enjoy themselves. “I do a lot of throwback stuff, as well as some fun covers I know the audience will really enjoy regardless whether they know my music or not.” While David doesn’t want to give away too much, he admits that “Postcards In The Sky” is one of his favorite moments during the show.


David has had quite the journey over the past ten years, learning a lot along the way. “I’ve realized that I can do more than I thought I could. I didn’t think I had what it took to be an artist, to be a touring artist, to keep up and maintain a fan base, to keep putting out new content. I just didn’t think I would have the energy to do it.” Here David is, eleven years later, touring a new album and getting ready to release a new wave of material he has put his heart and soul into. “I’m not the one that can define what my limits are, because it wasn’t true. I’m so glad I was wrong because I’ve been able to do a lot more than I believed I could in the beginning.”

David Archuleta - Postcards In The Sky
Zack Tremblay with David Archuleta
David Archuleta

David has loved being in the studio admitting, “I feel like going to the studio gets better and better.” Archuleta shares that he has learned a lot over the eleven years he has worked in this industry. “I’m still in that place, but I feel like I’m tuned in more to what I want to say.” David believes that has a lot to do with age. “I went through my teenage years as a musician, and my early 20’s.” David discovered a lot during that time, bringing him to where he is today. “I’ve also gotten a lot of therapy, which has helped me a lot.” Archuleta reveals that therapy has helped him understand himself, overcoming any obstacle he may have given himself. David is pushing past the boundaries and growing into the artist he was meant to be. Archuleta shares, “It’s refreshing to lay it all out.”


David Archuleta fans have a lot to look forward to as the “Postcards In The Sky” singer reveals that he will be releasing a new single at some point in the next few months. “We’re getting into the final stages right now with the mixing.” Archuleta admits that he is really excited about this single. While David does have plans to release a new album at some point, the direction of the release is still up in the air. Archuleta reveals that he is currently thinking about meeting with labels, taking a more commercial approach with the new material. David released ‘Postcards In The Sky’ independently, which allowed him to put 100% of his heart, soul and voice into the body of work. Whether David signs with a label or not, he has reached a point of comfort, knowing exactly who he is and what he wants to say as an artist. 


You can catch David Archuleta on the road through April 26th, ending in Cedar City, UT. Don’t forget to stream David’s latest album ‘Postcards In The Sky’ across all music platforms + you can also watch a special visual interview with David below!

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