May 20, 2020   Written by Zack Tremblay | Photographed by Cyrus Panganiban

David Archuleta by Cyrus Panganiban

Zack Tremblay | I want to kick things off with the initial talk about collaborating with each other. How did that decision come about and what was each of your involvement in the creation of this track? 


Jessame My manager, Carrie, connected me with Ajiona through DJ Curv, who I met in Atlanta while on tour.  Venturing into music was new for her, and this is an area i have lived in since birth through Chuck Berry’s legacy and my Father Al Berry.  So in my head, we are the next generation making moves together, so that was an easy yes.  I was like "say less"...


We then got together at Body producer, Jean-Marie Horvat’s studio, the day after I got back from my first tour, & got to know each other & just catch a vibe at first. It was super easy to get comfortable with each other after sharing certain stories & experiences we could both relate to on the same level. We just got straight to work after that. Jean-Marie was playing this beat for us, and instantly knew it was the ONE.  Ajiona & I took a couple freestyle takes on the mic, found what we both liked, & wrote to the song.

Ajiona Alexus | We were introduced through our management Earn B & Carrie Lyn. I checked out his body of work and then we met in person.  Right then and there, I knew our styles would mesh.  When we got our producer, Jean-Marie Horvat’s studio, we immediately caught a vibe.  Jean-Marie started playing some tracks, and we chose one that would compliment our styles and started creating.


Zack Tremblay The track is titled, “Body, what can you tell us about this single? 


Jessame | Body is a song about a certain scenario that happens often out in your everyday world. Being from LA, everytime you go out, whether it's the club, a bar, even a local gathering with friends... There's that slight possibility that you might be coming home with someone that night, or vice-versa. This song we capitalized on that specific feeling of being unsure in those situations, but gambling all your chips & going with your gut. Whether your mind is set or not. Being able to have fun & be in touch with your feelings & emotions.  

Ajiona Alexus Body, feels like old school R&B, but with a newer generation bounce. 


Zack Tremblay I imagine this was such a fun collaboration. What was the recording process like for you guys?

Ajiona Alexus | It was pretty fluent and quick. We knocked out the song in 3 sessions. 


Jessame | We kept the energy light & fun. The song was only 3 sessions, over the course of three weeks because of conflicting schedules.  We ended up finishing the actual song on Christmas night, my  first session on a Christmas wrapping my first 2020 new release.


Zack Tremblay We definitely have to take the time and talk about this video. The visuals for “Body” are absolutely incredible. How did this concept come about?


Jessame Ajiona & I met for coffee one night, and took a drive bumpping the record over and over until we came up with some dope concepts.  We got our teams and directors AJ & Charles together and we developed “The Heist” theme.  Ajiona & I gamble our chips on eachother, grab the money from a guy that doesn’t treat her right and go.

Ajiona Alexus | We were in the studio, playing around, acting out the lyrics in the studio. As if we were in a casino, at the poker table taunting each other to gamble it all. Then when I was at home, listening to the song with my dad and aunt, I was acting out different scenes for fun.  Jessame and I shared our ideas with our teams & we collaborated on the vision to get it done.


Zack Tremblay This track is such a great way to kick off a new year. I imagine this is just the beginning of what you guys have planned for this year. Can we expect to hear new solo material from you guys?


Jessame Thank you! We tried, ha!  Tons of new music you can expect from me, as I am currently working on my debut album. It's different than anything I've done before, & I'm incredibly happy with the way it's sounding. I haven't been this excited about my own music in a while. Inspiration is one hell of a drug.

Ajiona Alexus | I recently signed to Atlantic Records, and will be completing my debut album over the next few months. 


Zack Tremblay Finally, what would you say you guys are most looking forward to about this year - career wise? 


Jessame | I'm looking forward to surprising the people who have been following me & my journey for awhile now. This year is the year for a new side of me, bringing people in, telling them things they don't know about me. Sharing vulnerable parts of my life with you guys. 

Ajiona Alexus | To grow. It’s easy to get caught up being busy at work, but I'm more focused on growing from the work I do,  mentally physically and spiritually.

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