December 7, 2016   A Zack Tremblay Exclusive | Photograph Courtesy of Courtland Media Group

The Como Brothers are here to world premiere their brand new holiday single "This Christmastime". Check out the exclusive Q&A with Matt Como below as he opens up about writing at school, falling in love, family traditions and so much more. 


Zack Tremblay: Take us through the inspiration behind your single "This Christmastime"

Matt Como: To give you some background on the song I wrote this song while I was in my senior year at college in my dorm room at Loyola University in Maryland.  Finals were over and just about everyone had gone home for Christmas break​ - I had a final exam on one of the last possible days! I was basically the only one there. It seemed like the campus was totally empty so it gave me a lonely feeling.  At the time I was dating a girl from Loyola and she had just gone home for break which added to that feeling.  I heard some Christmas music playing and being a growing songwriter I thought it would be cool to have my own Christmas song. I remember thinking that I hadn't heard any cool new and 'classic' sounding Christmas songs - everything playing is always all these songs that have been overplayed a million times so I wanted to make a cool new song people could listen to for the holiday season.


So I tried to capture all the positive feelings I have about Christmas -- lights glowing, mistletoe, snowflakes falling, stars in the  midnight sky, the smell of cooking, happiness, singing, family parties, peace, love.  At the same time I was alone on campus so there was a longing in the song to be with that special somebody and there was the acknowledgement that it is hard to be alone during 'this time of year' around the holidays. It was fun to write and I believe it was finished in couple hours that night.

Zack Tremblay: What has been  your favorite holiday tradition?

Matt Como: Andrew and I have family parties every year so I'd say that's my favorite tradition.  It's nice to see our extended family.  We see my Mom's side of the family Christmas day and my Dad's side of the family Christmas eve.  Our Uncle's are all musical and played in bands growing up in Queens in the late 1970's into the 1980's.  So it is cool to catch them up with the music going on in our lives and usually someone breaks out a guitar or piano for a jam.

This Christmastime - Como Brothers Band