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November 01, 2018   Written with Live Images by Zack Tremblay | Promotional Image by Milan Zrnic

Christina Aguilera by Zack Tremblay

There are a select few artists in the entertainment industry that attain longevity. While Christina Aguilera has been in the game for nearly two decades, she has taken her time with each album. Aguilera’s latest release, Liberation, has proven to be her most personal album to date. The 5x-Grammy Award Winner has taken this album on the road for the Liberation Tour hitting cities across the country through November 13th. There is no denying the passion behind each project Christina produces and this tour is proof. There was always one thing I have admired about Christina, and that is her ability to capture the feels of every listener with simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing simple about the godly runs that Christina hits flawlessly, however, The Liberation Tour has quite literally stripped back all of the cliché pop star tricks and showcased the unbelievable talent that Aguilera holds within herself. The core focus of this tour is her vision and her voice. For all of the fans that have been there from the very beginning, this is the ultimate dream tour they have been waiting for. 

As mentioned before, Christina has taken her time with releasing music, and rightfully so, she is a true artist. For the fans who have patiently waited, a night like this reaches beyond any expectation. Five minutes prior to Christina hitting the stage, a large industrial clock projected on to the white drapes that covered the stage. You could feel the anticipation in the room, as fans would be getting their first glimpse of Aguilera after a ten-year touring hiatus. The timer lead in to a stunning visual of Christina.  Aguilera decends from high above the crowd opening with a track from Liberation, Maria.

Christina Aguilera by Zack Treblay
Christina Aguilera by Zack Tremblay

While this tour offers a fair amount of songs from Christina’s new album, she also made sure to include some fan favorites as she performed her biggest hits from over the years. Some of those hits include Genie In A Bottle, Dirrty, What A Girl Wants / Come On Over (All I Want Is You) and more. This tour brought out the nostolgia in all of us, as Aguilera reminds us why we feel in love with her from the very beginning. I also think it is safe to say that Christina Aguilera is one of the best vocalists of our time. She has proven herself to deliver near-flawless performances every time she steps on stage. 

One of the biggest highlights of the night was when Aguilera took us back and performed Lady Marmalade, Fighter and Ain’t No Other Man. While the tour had many powerhouse moments, Christina also took the time to perform a solo version of “Say Something”, her duet with A Great Big World, along with other favorites including - “Twice”, from her new album, and “Beautiful”, which led the entire audience to sing along. Christina ended the night with “Let There Be Love”, from her album ‘Lotus’. Everything from wardrobe to set design and obviously Christina’s vocals, made this one of the best tours of 2018. She may have been on a ten-year hiatus, but her talent remains to showcase her effortless star power. The Liberation Tour will run through November 13th, ending in St. Petersburg, FL. Christina Aguilera’s album, ‘Liberation’, is now available on all streaming services.

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