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May 01, 2018   Written with Live Photos by Zack Tremblay | Promotional Image Courtesy of Epic Records

Becoming an artist in music today has it’s challenges. In a world full of social media and streaming, the industry has become more accessible to a larger group of young dreamers, making it that much more difficult to succeed. While everyone has their own story, Camila Cabello is creating her own as she ventures out into the first era of her solo career. This past January, Camila released her self-titled debut album following the success of her hit single “Havana”. The album has collectively earned one billion streams on Spotify, making Cabello one of the hottest new artists in the game today. 


Camila kicked off her Never Be The Same Tour in Vancouver, BC, Canada on April 9th. One of the most impressive things about this tour is the fact that every stop was completely sold out before it even started. I had the opportunity to attend Camila’s Boston, Massachusetts date on April 29th with a crowd nearing 3,000. Before you know it, the music stops, the lights cut out and a video projection of Camila’s eyes appear on stage with a countdown. Screams fill the venue as fans tiptoe to get their first glimpse of the “Havana” singer. 


Camila kicked off the show with her current single, “Never Be The Same”, which seems fitting considering that is the name of this tour. From the very first moment, you know you are about to witness something extraordinary. As the show continues on, you start to realize that Camila is much more than just a voice, she is a superstar in training. Everything from her vocals to her dancing, was on point. There is no denying Camila’s talent, and she only further proves that on this tour.


There was a moment during the show where Camila covered Elvis’ hit “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, which led to some ballads of her own. “Consequences”, which is my favorite on the album, showed a raw and vulnerable side to Cabello as she poured her heart out at the piano. “All These Years” and “Something’s Gotta Give” rightfully follow. Now, I was not expecting to get emotional during this show, but Camila managed to including a tear jerking video showcasing the gun control movement and Black Lives Matter. This is a pure example of an artist in power using their voice to spread awareness for the greater good.


While there was a lot of structure to this show, Camila still managed to showcase her incredibly quirky personality. That personality is what got her to where she is today, honestly. There is a raw, likable quality to Cabello that sets her apart from others in the industry. No matter how many Spotify streams she has, or Instagram followers she has gained, she remains the same humble girl that we all fell in love with from the very beginning. Camila’s relationship with her fans is something special. During the show, she even put them in the spotlight during “Real Friends” giving them the opportunity to sing. Camila represents hope, because girls, and yes, even guys, just like her are attending this tour with some of the same hopes and dreams that she had. 


From start to finish, Cabello entertained the crowd with tracks including “Bad Things”, “Into It”, and a new crowd favorite, “Sangria Wine”. Looking around, I saw a lot of parents at this show, which is a beautiful thing. There is nothing more heartwarming than experiencing a concert with the people you love the most. But nothing was more collectively enjoyable than witnessing the entire crowd scream the lyrics to “Havana”, parents included. Camila is off to a strong start as a solo artist and definitely has a bright future ahead. 


Camila will be hitting the road with Taylor Swift this summer for the reputation Stadium Tour, only further increasing her growing fan base. Camila Cabello is a force to be reckoned with! If you have not picked up Camila’s debut album, go do yourself the favor and enjoy! View this feature and more in the May 2018 issue of TREMBLAY, here.

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