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August 01, 2019   Written with Live Images by Zack Tremblay | Photographed by Angelo Kritikos

Kenzie by Zack Tremblay
Kenzie and Zack Tremblay

Kenzie Ziegler has been having quite the year since appearing on our discover issue this past March. Ziegler, who is currently on the road supporting PRETTYMUCH, has been having the best time. Kenzie admits, “This tour is such a great opportunity for me because I get to sing for a bunch of new faces and for people that have never heard of me.” Ziegler has gained so many new fans on this tour specifically. “It makes me so happy because I can show new music to other people that just listen to a boy band.” While Ziegler has been introducing herself to new fans across the country on this tour, she had quite the fan base in Boston, MA. “I had a lot of fans here today. Usually at the other ones it’s just their fans, which I love because they always hype me up. But this show was my favorite show so far. Boston you were great!” Kenzie is definitely no stranger to touring, but something about this tour is different. “I mean, it’s been amazing, honestly.” This time around, Kenzie brought out a group of her dancers, who she considers her best friends and tour family. “It’s different because I’m usually headlining my own tour. This is their tour. I’m having a lot of fun because not all the weight is on my shoulders because it’s their show.” Kenzie continues to praise PRETTYMUCH admitting, “We watch their show every day and we learned all of their songs, we are learning all of their dances as well. We’re literally having the best time. They’re like brothers to me, they’re super sweet.”


Touring is not the only exciting this happening in Kenzie’s growing career, she also just dropped a brand new single, “Hot”. This track is definitely a different sound for Ziegler as she admits, “I decided to change up my sound because before I was doing music I thought everyone would love and not something that I wanted to do. Which, I love all of my old music as much as I do my new songs, but I kind of wanted a change because I felt like I sounded like everyone else and I did not want to. Now that “Hot” is finally out, I’m so happy. I’ve been listening to that song for so long and I’m so glad that it’s finally out.” Kenzie has been getting a lot of great feedback surrounding the release, which is helping her create new material. “I was kind of scared to see how people would react because it’s so different from anything I’ve ever done. I’m not even tired of the song yet.” 


One of the most freeing moments for any artist is writing a song about a personal experience. That is exactly what Kenzie did with “Hot”. “I wrote this song about one of my ex boyfriends. I think that it was my first real relationship I’ve had.” Even though Ziegler is only fifteen years old, and has a lot of time to find the right guy, she took the opportunity to open her heart about this particular situation. “In the song I’m just talking about how he always use to lie, he would always catch someone else's eye and everything. So the video kind of explains that whole thing. I really wanted the video to be exactly like the scenario.” One of the most rewarding aspects for Kenzie was having all of her close friends on set. “Everyone was so loving.”


“Hot” is Kenzie’s first release since signing with Arista Records, which was such a huge milestone. Ziegler admits that getting signed was such a fast process. “I was in shock. I never thought that would actually happen because I’ve been independent my whole entire life.” For the duration of 2019, Kenzie will be working on more original material, including her next single that is right around the corner. While the goal is to release an album with Arista, Kenzie will be focusing on singles first. “I kind of just want to put out a bunch of music that I love. I want to see how people are reacting to my new sound, because I’m really loving it.” Ziegler reflects back on how amazing this tour with PRETTYMUCH has been. “They are all amazing singers and amazing dancers. I just watch them and get mad because they are so good.” There is no doubt this tour was a great learning experience for Kenzie. As for future tours, Ziegler reveals that she would love to open for artists such as Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes, but we have a feeling Kenzie will be back out on the road headlining her own shows in the near future! For each and every one of you at home, you can now stream Kenzie’s brand new single “Hot” across all music platforms. Keep an eye out for new material coming soon! 

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