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Jake Miller by Zack Caspary
Jake Miller by Zack Caspary


JAKE MILLER'S 'hi, i missed you. 2021 TOUR'

October 08, 2021   Written by Zack Tremblay | Promotional Images by Zack Caspary | Live Images by Ryan Falcoa for Tremblay Media Group

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Jake Miller is back on the road in support of his latest album ‘Silver Lining II’ + his brand new single “I Forgot About You”. Jake admits, “It just feels great to be back on stage. It feels great to be back in a bus with my best friends just doing what we love. We’re exhausted, we’re having the time of our lives. We just got off of two off days, so excited to get back on stage here in Boston, it’s going to be a great crowd.”


The tour speaks for itself with the title ‘hi, I missed you’. During the pandemic, Jake found ways to connect with his fans and they stood by him during the difficult time our world went through. The pandemic was not an easy time for anybody. As an artist, who relies on touring and interacting with fans, it was unclear what would happen. Luckily for Jake, his fans really stepped up on social media during the pandemic. With the amount of engagement Miller received during this difficult time, he shares, “I just want to see them all now and give them a hug and say thank you.”. 

When the pandemic first hit, Jake went home to Florida for about six months to be with his family. Jake reveals, “I think it was exactly what I needed to just kind of take my mind away from everything that was going on.”. While ‘Silver Lining’ was two years in the making, Miller admits that the beginning of the shut down allowed him to reset and put his brain in another spot. Following those six months, Jake went back to LA to finish up the 21-track album. While Miller remained consistent during the pandemic, he also had the opportunity to explore his sound with his latest single “I Forgot About You”. Jake shares that his sound and artistry is always changing as he admits, “I mean “I Forgot About You” is a little bit more pop/punk than my previous  stuff, which is cool because I grew up listening to bands like Boys Like Girls, Blink 182, The Starting Line, The Almost.” Miller took this opportunity to experiment with live guitars and drums for this track specifically. While he is unsure if this is the direction he will take for his next album, he said that will most likely be figured out in the first few sessions once tour wraps. 


The one thing that has remained consistent for Jake when he tours is the loyalty of his fans, which has been his favorite part. They really show up and bring the energy, which leads to an incredible experience for everyone. This time around, Jake is performing everything from his 2012 hit “Collide” to 2015’s “Dazed and Confused”, and of course his latest banger “I Forgot About You”. There is never a dull moment on the road, according to Jake. “I just think that the actual company that I’m with, my friends on the bus. I’ve never toured with such an awesome group, like literally my best friends in the world. All of my best friends in LA are with me right now, so it feels like I have a piece of home with me.”.


If you have not had the opportunity to see Jake Miller live, this is your chance. Jake will be on the road through November 5th, ending in San Francisco, CA. For ticket information and a full list of remaining dates, visit the link to Jake's website below!

Jake Miller by Ryan Falcoa for Tremblay Media Group
Jake Miller and Zack Tremblay by Ryan Falcoa for Tremblay Media Group
Jake Miller by Ryan Falcoa for Tremblay Media Group

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