May 03, 2018   Written by Zack Tremblay | Photographed by The Riker Brothers

Arlen Escarpeta made his television debut eighteen years ago. Since then, Arlen has had the opportunity to appear on shows like Law & Order: SVU, ER, and more. Most recently Escarpeta has been keeping busy with his latest roles in the Crackle drama series, The Oath, and TNT’s, One Day She’ll Darken. I had the opportunity to catch up with Arlen following the success of his recent projects. Arlen admits, “The Oath is the real deal!” This series allows you into a taboo world of not just corrupt cops, but cop gangs. “It's raw, gritty and dangerously addictive. It does all of this while giving you a great balance of love and family”, Arlen reveals. The series is executive produced by 50 Cent and Arlen admits that was an added plus. “To have his support & belief in the show made me work even harder. I definitely wanted him to watch me on the show & say " I need to work with this guy again…”."


The Crackle series is just the beginning for Arlen. The seasoned actor also landed a recurring role in the TNT series, One Day She’ll Darken. Escarpeta admits that he is really proud of this project. “The audition process was an interesting one. I actually put myself on tape for 2 different characters while I was shooting "The Oath". There was interest, but nothing materialized. I thought that was the end of it, but then I got a call from my manager saying there was strong interest for me in regards to the show. However, no one knew what character... a couple days after I got the offer for a character that I hadn't even auditioned for. I play Xander, one of Fauna's(India Eisley) cousins who help her along her journey in finding out who she really is.” Arlen shares that he was extremely humbled and excited to work with Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine. Escarpeta admits the opportunity is, “definitely not something you take for granted.” 


Jumping into these characters can be difficult at times. Arlen reveals that it all begins with him getting to know and understand his characters. “What makes them happy, sad, mad, etc... I never judge my characters, instead I try to respect & get behind everything that is good or bad about them. In doing so, I allow myself to give an honest portrayal of exactly who they are & what their circumstances are.” 


While Arlen’s year is off to an exciting start, he admits that his sole goal for this year is to take everything he is doing to another level. “I'm embracing my talent, opportunity & blessings. I'm aiming for the top spot in all that I do. I'm ready to be the guy that everyone is & should be talking about.” That level is peaking as the Sony Crackle executive announced the series has been picked up for a second season.