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December 09, 2019   Written by Zack Tremblay | Photographed by Machado Cicala

There is only so much you can say when there is so much to see and you are witnessing an icon doing what they do best. For nearly 60 years, Cher has proven herself over and over again - capturing the hearts of millions all over the world. Now, at the age of 73, Cher continues her streak with sold out shows, living her best damn life on the Here We Go Again Tour. 


There is definitely a lot to be aware of when you attend a Cher concert. First, is the diverse group of beautiful people, who came to enjoy a night  of fun, entertainment and laughs. The fans were showing up from all different age groups, which speaks volumes to Cher’s impact. Cher’s music, while classic, connects with many generations. If you grew up in a family like mine, you were brought up listening to Cher, or if we’re going even further back, Sonny and Cher. While I knew the music was quality and Cher is an icon in her own right, I had no idea what to expect from this production. This time around, Cher brought Nile Rodgers and Chic on the road. To be completely honest, this opening could not be more fitting. Hit after hit, Nile Rodgers and Chic were able to get the crowd on their feet - dancing to some of their classics including: “Everybody Dance”, “I Want Your Love”, and of course, “Le Freak”. Nothing got the audience going more than their medley of “I’m Coming Out”, “Upside Down”, “He’s The Greatest Dancer” and “We Are Family”. This was the perfect way to kick off the show.


When someone is headlining their own tour, the first time they appear on stage is typically a big reveal. Right before the lights went down in Boston, a refreshing surprise shocked the audience. Cher walked to each side of the curtain and waved to the fans before beginning the show. That is a relationship every artist should have with their fans. In a sense, it felt like a family bond. Cher was just as excited to see us, as we were to see her. After a stunning introduction video, Cher kicked off the show with her 2013 hit, “Woman’s World”. Throughout the night, Cher took us on a journey throughout her career, but before going full force in to her set, she had one question for her audience. “What is your granny doing tonight?”. That humor led to a night of storytelling and reflecting on the past. For first-time Cher concert-goers, such as myself, this was one night to remember. 


Cher did not shy away from performing her biggest hits, not only as a solo artist, but her time with Sonny as well. We were lucky enough to hear “The Beat Goes On” and “I Got You Babe”. Some of the best highlights for me were “Strong Enough”, “All or Nothing”, and “Lie to Me”. But, my absolute favorite part of the evening was Cher’s trip down memory lane, performing music from films that she had appeared in, including Burlesque and Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. Following a montage featuring “You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me”, Cher performed “Welcome to Burlesque”, and ABBA covers including, “Waterloo”, “SOS” and “Fernando”. 


While a set list is a major part of the structure of a show, the visuals are just as important. This time around, Cher and her team really put in the effort to deliver an unforgettable show. From the set and lighting to her dancers, this show is at the top of our list for a must-see tour. Cher closed the night with two of her biggest hits, “If I Could Turn Back Time” and “Believe”. This is a night I will remember for the rest of my life and I encourage you all to experience Cher live in concert, if you have the chance. The Here We Go Again tour will pick back up again on March 6th in El Paso, TX and run through May 6th, ending in Sacramento, CA. Click the links below for a full list of tour dates.

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